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We’re adaptable to services and culture, philanthropy and community.

We are always on, connected, available and responsive – whenever clients need.

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our promise


We go beyond clean. 


For over 25 years, pioneer has provided real estate clients in the DC, Maryland and Virginia markets with commercial cleaning services. We are large enough to be competitive and small enough to value every client; this will never change. Pioneer’s promise is to provide exceptional levels of cleanliness, create genuine relationships of trust and be a strong financial partner. 

We put a face in front of each account, each building and each customer. Pioneer has the technology and tools to ensure your building's populations thrive in a healthy, safe and clean environment.


we are pioneer. 

we go beyond cleaning; we create opportunities and impact the health of everyone that we touch through our business. 

we cultivate partnerships of trust built on performance and accountability. 

we lead with our heart. we put people first. our team is our family. we believe in being bold, fair and honest.

we make an impact on our communities. we donate 1% of every new sale to philanthropic causes and seek opportunities to improve the places we live and work. we win: we give. 

we are pioneer.


our capabilities

Our programs are designed to be flexible options as we navigate through a new normal. We strive to create custom tailored programs that take into consideration every stakeholder impacted by the cleaning program of the building.

pandemic response

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developing re-entry concepts​​​


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creating visibility through expanded platforms


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delivering first class service while controlling expenses


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communicating quickly + efficiently to deliver excellent service



Take pride in your workplace. Delivering unparalleled results to owners, tenants and occupants alike.



Putting patients + frontline workers first. Promising disinfected spaces that facilitate health and healing



Creating a better tomorrow. Ensure students and faculty alike can learn and grow in a clean environment.


When you’re here, you’re home. Make a lasting first impression with spotless common areas.


our partners

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"I have consistently found pioneer's quality of services, professionalism, and overall business operations to be top notch and unequaled in the region."


“The entire pioneer staff provides the highest level of customer service to their clients from the top down.  They are very team-oriented, and each member continually stays engaged with their clients to ensure satisfaction.“

"Akridge values its partnership with pioneer. Time and time again the pioneer team has proven that they are leaders in their industry and have never let us down. They are partners in every sense of the word."

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